Featuring and led by Stephanie Harrison

Lord, inhale our praise
As we lift it up
Lift it up to you
Sweet savor, sacrifice
We know it's life and breath to You
Lord, inhale our worship
It's the essence of our life for You
It's all we have to give,
offering this life we live
What a Holy privilege

Inhale our praise
Exhale Your presence
Inhale our worship
Exhale Your glory
Release your fragrance, Jesus

Inhale our praise
as we exalt You
and lift You
high above the Earth
Salvation deliverance
We'll see the miraculous
As You breathe upon us Lord

Joy it flows just like a river
here in Your presence
Our strength's renewed
just like an eagle
here in Your glory
Blow over us
wind of the Holy Ghost
'Til we're the fragrance
of You who has saved us

All rights reserved to Jana Mitten. All songs written by Jana Mitten.
Copyright Ja-La-Ka Publishing 2014.