Heal Our Land
Led by Rocky Burnell, Rachel Wonderly, Kyle Hurd

We are Your people, called by Your name
We are Your people, seeking Your face
We Your people, come together and pray
And we turn, turn, turn, turn from our wicked ways

Heal our land
Heal our land
Only you can
Heal our land

You said You would hear from heaven
Lord save our sin sick nation
Raise up a holy generation
Heal our land
Righteousness will be our banner
We wield the Word as a crushing hammer
God arise, let your enemies scatter

Jesus come in all Your power
Jesus come display Your glory
Demonstrate Your power and authority
Heal our land
Show Yourself strong,
Show Yourself mighty
In the Spirit we war, we are fighting
Dissipate the darkness with Your lightning

Hear our desperate cry
of repentance
Hear our humble cry
Lord forgive us

All rights reserved to Jana Mitten. All songs written by Jana Mitten.
Copyright Ja-La-Ka Publishing 2014.