TRYBE Band is committed to bringing the sound of heaven to earth.
We tap into the Holy Spirit’s power to demonstrate signs, wonders and miracles as we
usher in the presence of Jesus and set the atmosphere for His glory to be revealed.
We are a humble endeavor to bless the Lord; and He, in turn, blesses His people.

TRYBE BAND is on a quest to explore the prophetic flow of Holy Spirit,
and allowing our praises to rise on the wings of the sound,
leading God’s people into the freedom of His awesome healing presence.

TRYBE BAND leads worship for conferences and revivals. We can host
an Encounter service, teach worship with power and demonstration, or minister at your church or event.
Booking information found on Facebook, or email


Jana Mitten is available for speaking engagements and/or to lead worship at your church, conference,
worship concert or youth gathering. Teaching on the subject of worship is not just for singers or
musicians. Every human being is a worshipper, and to know God and make Him known is paramount
to every Kingdom believer!